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Getting it Right - Optimizing FCWM Support to The Museum

65ABD7CD C89F 41C4 AE99 455B5E558C5B 1283 000001767607843E CopyIn supporting the War Museum, it is vital that the Friends limited financial resources be invested where most needed. To this end, integrated planning led to a contribution agreement setting out the needs and expectation of both parties; this agreement embraces support to the Mons Autocar Project ( ), the January 2019 Historical Conference ( and the Supply Line 2 Project – WW2. 

The Mons project is behind us now and was by all accounts an unmitigated success. The Friends investment supported actually getting the Autocar from Canada to Belgium and its presence in the parade in Mons in running condition was a credit to the Museum and to our support. This success reinforces the importance of co-operative planning and putting our financial support where it is most likely to strengthen reputation and build constituency.

Pictures of the Autocar and Autocar in Mons, Belgium below.

Looking ahead we are confident that the Historical Conference and the Supply Line 2 projects will reinforce the benefits of this approach and the importance of the Friends support to the Museum. It is vital that we remain an essential resource and to this end strengthening the Friends financial resource base is vital. We need your support; indeed, without it we will fail in our mission! Click here to donate to this worthwhile cause and enjoy a charitable receipt. 



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