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Video Memories

video memories

Do you have a video clip that captures a treasured and/or important event in your former military career or association with the military that you would like to share with others? If so, please forward it to, attention: Mike Braham. Videos currently in the collection may be found HERE.

LeBreton Gallery Catalogue


Experience the LeBreton Gallery and the Canadian War Museum’s superb collection of military technology. Get an up-close view of imposing tanks, artillery and other machines of war, and learn about the military technology used by and against Canadians in times of both peace and conflict.

This souvenir catalogue was produced with funding from the FCWM and is available at the CWM lobby:

Title: The LeBreton Gallery: The Military Technology Collection of the Canadian War Museum
Authors: Andrew Burtch and Jeff Noakes
ISBN: 978-0-660-20309-6
Retail price: $9.95

This souvenir catalogue presents a wide variety of vehicles and equipment used in warfare over the past 300 years, such as a Voodoo fighter jet, 19th century artillery pieces, tanks and other vehicles drawn from one of the most extensive collections of its kind in the world. Each tells something about the human ingenuity and intent in their creation and use, and the human experience of facing them on the battlefield.


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