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Personal Treasures

Personal Treasures Description

Personal Treasures is designed to allow you to display your own items of militaria that may have been gathering dust in your basement or attic but which each carry an interesting story.

Do you have a photograph or story that evokes memories of your own military past, or that of the career of a relative or friend? Would you like to share it, along with a brief description with like-minded colleagues?

shipThe site is divided up much like the War Museum - into the major wars fought by the armed forces of Canada over the past two centuries.

Pre-World War I

World War I

World War II

Post WW II

 Here’s how to contribute. Send an electronic version of a photograph of the person, event, artefact that you want to display along with a brief description of 500 words or less to , Attention: Michael Braham.  We will be pleased to add it to our “collection”. 


Notice: Since this exhibition is virtual, it will only be available online through electronic FCWM sites, including our website, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr pages. We request that you send us electronic photos and descriptions (not actual artifacts). By doing so, you allow us to publish your submission on any or all of our sites. Submissions become the property of FCWM. We will reserve the right to accept or reject your submission and, as necessary, to edit your text.



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