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Friends Forum Wednesday, November 28, 2019

Friends Forum The Second World War Discovery Box

discovery box
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 A recording of the presentation can be viewed here.

The Second World War Discovery Box
Presented by CWM Learning Specialist Sandra O’Quinn

Second World War Discovery Box – Here is your opportunity to learn about the CWM’s newest travelling education resource. These Discovery Boxes include authentic and reproduction objects that teachers can borrow, free-of-charge, to use in their classrooms. We, as the Friends, have contributed $30,000 towards this Project; part of the Supply Line Programme. Here is your chance to come out and see what this exciting Project is all about.

Sandra O’Quinn has been a Learning Specialist at the Canadian War Museum since 2006 developing both education and public programmes. She was the Project Lead for the Second World War Discovery Box.

WW2 Supply Line Boxes

WW2 Boxes

Your donations help to support projects dedicated to educating the next generation about military heritage.

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Major Gift from FCWM: $100,000

Canadian War Museum receives major gift to support youth educational programs

Ottawa, Ontario, September 5, 2019 — The Friends of the Canadian War Museum has generously given $100,000 to the Canadian War Museum in support of educational programs for the 2019–2020 fiscal year. This is the first year since the organization was established in 1985 that the majority of the Friends’ gift will support projects dedicated to educating the next generation about our military heritage.

big cheque cropped“The Friends has supported the Museum in a variety of ways for many years,” said Caroline Dromaguet, Acting Director General of the Canadian War Museum. “Our educational programs are an invaluable way for us to keep youth connected with Canada’s military history, and this gift enables us to continue to share that history in a number of meaningful ways.”

The Friends of the Canadian War Museum was established to support and assist the Museum in its mandate to educate, preserve and remember. The Friends donate their time and expertise through their active involvement in the collection of oral histories, in-gallery visitor interaction, and hands-on restoration projects.

The Friends’ 2019–2020 contribution will further the ability of the Museum to engage and inspire youth at the Museum and all over Canada. Within the walls of the Museum, the donation will support the School Access program, the World at War International Speaker Series and the enhancement of programming materials for in-gallery activities. A portion will also fund the creation of a signature Remembrance Day event for youth groups visiting the Museum. 

“The Friends is excited to be participating with the Museum in enhancing understanding of Canada’s military history,” said Commodore (Ret’d) Robert Hamilton, President of the Friends of the Canadian War Museum. “We are especially delighted to make this contribution toward inspiring youth.”  

The Friends of the Canadian War Museum is also one of the supporters of the soon-to-be-launched Second World War Discovery Boxes to schools throughout the country. This is a new addition to the Museum’s highly successful Supply Line travelling educational program, available free of charge to Canadian schools, following the launch of the First World War Discovery Box in 2014. The Supply Line Discovery Boxes provide students with hands-on curriculum-linked materials, complete with authentic artifacts and reproduction objects, for in-class exploration.

Supply chain

2014 AGM


The 2014 FCWM Annual General Meeting was held on 5 June 2014 in the Barney Danson Theatre of the Canadian War Museum. The meeting was presided over by Douglas Rowland, President of the Friends, and attended by about thirty members.

2014 agm 1After the singing of O Canada and some opening remarks by Doug Rowland, the meeting was kicked off by the presentation of a couple of awards. The first was for the 2013 FCWM Volunteer of the year, presented this year to Mike Bedford. Mike was recognised for his tireless efforts and long hours spent in the cause of attracting new members and retaining existing members to the Friends.

2014 agm 2The second was a special award present by Jerry Holtzhauer, Chair of the Resources Committee to the Book Store team for their efforts to maintain the book store and generate revenues for the Friends through the sale of used military books. Present to receive the award were Bob Hamilton, Peter Mace, Gary Furrie, Phyllis Reading and Brian Watson. A special tribute was made to Stephen Dunne, the architect of the current book store, who was unable to be present due to illness.

During these presentations a rendition of “March of the Volunteers” commissioned by Friend Gordon Foster and composed by local musician, Rachel Laurin was played by Mai-yu Chan on the organ.

The meeting recognised the following six new Silver Members (Friends for 25 years): Mrs. Joyce Bond, Ms. June Bushell, BGen David Edgecombe, Mr. Charles Jefferson, Col. Tony Tremblay, and BGen. Michael Webber.

2014 agm 3Jim Whitham, Director General of the CWM, provided a few words of welcome before introducing Carolyn Dromaguet, the new Manager, Exhibitions and Creative Development and Learning for the Museum.

He was followed by a presentation by Tony Glenn of the Museum staff on upcoming exhibitions by the Museum to celebrate the many anniversaries being celebrated over the next few years, and particularly those associated with the centennial of World War I.

2014 agm 4Doug Rowland then provided his annual report that can be found elsewhere on the web site. He also announced that he was approaching the end of his three year term and that he would be stepping down from the Presidency and handing over the reins to the current Vice-President, BGen (Ret’d) Linda Colwell who will become the first female President of the FCWM.

Doug leaves behind a rich record of achievement. He solidified the FCWM Committee structure and provided it with clear, achievable goals and objectives.  He established warm and productive relations with the Canadian War Museum including the signing of an updated Memorandum of Understanding between the FCWM and the CWM. Finally, he was a constant and visible presence on behalf of the Friends, not only at events within the CWM, but elsewhere at relevant events across the country.

The Financial Report was then provided by the Treasurer, David Parr. The report reflected sound financial management with an underlying concern about the shrinking level of FCWM membership and its impact on revenues.

The AGM agreed to a couple of procedural resolutions pertaining to the need for a Public Accountant and to the number of Directors.

Charles Gruchy, Chair of the Governance Committee, then sought and received approval for the renewal/addition of the terms of office for the following Directors:  Thomas Dent, Jim Muckle, Bob Hamilton, Wayne Primeau, Nigel Shaw, Douglas Rowland, Ed Storey, Katharine Trim, Charles Gruchy, and Brad White.

The President then provided a revised organisation chart for the Friends that reflected the inclusion of a new Research Committee and the expansion of the Communication Committee’s terms of reference to include Marketing. The new chart is shown below:

2014 agm 5

No new business was raised, so the President thanked the organisers of the meeting and, after the singing of God Save the Queen, adjourned the meeting.


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