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Who's Who

The Friends of the Canadian War Museum

Cmdre (Ret’d) R. Hamilton

BGen (Ret’d) L. Colwell
Brenda Esson
Cdr. (Ret’d) John Chow
Mr. Robert Argent
Mr. Allan Bacon
Mr. Thomas Burnie
Mr. Larry M. Capstick
Mr. Jeffrey Chapman
Cdr. (Ret’d) John Chow
BGen (Ret’d) Linda Colwell
Maj. (Ret’d) Walter Conrad
Ms. Brenda Esson
LCol (Ret’d) Robert Farrell
Cmdre (Ret’d) Robert Hamilton
Col (Ret’d) Jarrott W. Holtzhauer
Maj.(Ret’d) G. Jensen, Ms. H. Mace
M. Jean M. Morin
Mr. J-G Perron
Mr. Wayne Primeau
Mr. L. Robinson
Mr. Douglas Rowland
Capt. (N)(Ret’d). L. Siew
Ms. Marie-Josée Tremblay
LCol (Ret’d) Brad White

Mission, Vision & Strategic Objectives (March 2014)


The Mission of the Friends of the Canadian War Museum is to promote and support the Canadian War Museum by:

  • fund-raising;
  • undertaking agreed-upon projects for the CWM;
  • providing volunteer services, including research, to the CWM;
  • informing, involving and extending opportunities to FCWM members to enhance the FCWM and CWM;
  • undertaking outreach and educational activities to enhance the understanding and appreciation of Canadian military history and the CWM among the general public; and,
  • involving Canada's veterans organizations, military historical societies, like-minded organizations, committed companies and other Canadians.


Within 5 years, the FCWM will be a national organization of 2,000 members, will be prominent in social media, will have an effective web-site, an efficient administration, a succession plan and will be recognized as the pre-eminent military Museum support organization in Canada.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To implement an ongoing review and renewal of critical administrative, information and operational policies, systems and procedures.
  2. To implement each year effective, new or improved programs or projects to increase public awareness of, and access to, the Museum, its holdings and the Friends nationwide.
  3. To implement each year effective new means of expanding membership and increasing donations.
  4. To extend the range of volunteer services provided to the Museum by the Friends and to increase the effective use of volunteers.

Our Organization

The day-to-day operations of the Friends, between meetings of the Board of Directors are conducted by the Executive Committee.

 Our History

The FCWM came into being in 1985 in response to what many Canadians felt was an embarrassing neglect by government to depict Canada's military experience and to commemorate the wartime sacrifices of Canadians. A Canadian War Museum had been created in 1942 but was under-funded and housed in unsatisfactory premises in Ottawa, with the collections split between a main exhibition building on Sussex Street and a former street car repair depot in a west end industrial area.

The Friends was organized by concerned citizens to raise funds to assist the Museum and to focus the government's attention on correcting the unsatisfactory situation. The subsequent efforts of the FCWM and its activities over the past 25 years are documented in a publication entitled the Torchbearers that  was published in 2011 to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Friends.

 An earlier Commemorative Publication, that is still available, was issued on the opening of the new Canadian War Museum in May 2005.


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