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Who's Who

The Friends of the Canadian War Museum

Cmdre (Ret’d) R. Hamilton

Capt (N)(Ret’d) Louise Siew

Past President
BGen (Ret’d) L. Colwell

Brenda Esson

Cdr. (Ret’d) John Chow

Director at Large
Douglas Rowland

Mr. Robert Argent
Mr. Allan Bacon
Maj. (Ret'd) Thomas Burnie
Mr. Larry M. Capstick
LCol (Ret’d) Robert Farrell
Col (Ret’d) Jarrott W. Holtzhauer
Maj (Ret’d) G. Jensen
Ms. Heather Mace
M. Jean M. Morin
Mr. Wayne Primeau
Mr. L. Robinson

The Friends’ Purpose

In accordance with the Articles of Continuance the purpose of the Friends of the Canadian War Museum (the Friends) is:

To promote, support and assist the Canadian War Museum (the Museum) with the view to educating present and future generations of Canadians on Canada’s military heritage, preserving historical artefacts, promoting research and encouraging future generations to reflect on past sacrifices.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and support the Museum in its role as a vital Canadian institution.

Our Vision

We seek to be a pan-Canadian national organization supporting the Museum through fundraising, volunteering and program participation.

Strategic Policy Statement

This strategic plan flows from our corporate mission. In all endeavours, the Board of Directors is guided by the fundamental strategic aim to strengthen constituency and to build financial position. The Friends leadership and its supporting committees are empowered to make appropriate choices within this framework for ensuring effective operations and accountability to its stakeholders.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To raise funds;
  2. To build constituency across Canada;
  3. To optimize support directed to the Museum; and
  4. To govern and administer the Friends organization effectively and efficiently.

Planning and Implementation Framework

Using the Strategic Objectives as a lens to focus our initiatives, this framework defines those objectives by setting out priority areas and measures of success. The framework will guide the Board and Committees toward realizing their priority efforts. 

1. To raise funds; 

The Friends will have increased revenues by at least $200,000 through;

  1. Fundraising,
  2. Donations, and
  3. Membership.

2. To build constituency across Canada;

The Friends will have connected with like-minded individuals and organizations in every province and territory through:

  1. Creating local and national involvement opportunities;
  2. Linking with compatible organizations; and
  3. Building communication channels.

3. To optimize support directed to the Museum;

The Friends will have strengthened its relationships with the Museum management and staff through:

  1. Co-identifying and designating Museum projects to receive Friends’ funds and volunteer support; and
  2. Integrating the planning and execution of designated projects.

4. To govern and administer the Friends organization effectively and efficiently.

The Friends will align its governance, administration and operations by continuous improvement in the following areas;

  1. Strategic reviews,
  2. Administrative processes,
  3. Governance renewal, and
  4. Organizational communications.


Telephone: 1-819-776-8618 If you have comments or questions about our website operation,
Email: please email


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