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pdf Camp Hughes (451 KB)

Camp Hughes was a Canadian military training camp, located in the Rural Municipality of North Cypress, west of the town of Carberry, in Manitoba. It was actively used for Army training from 1909 to 1934 and as a communications station from the early 1960s until 1991.

Otter Light Reconnaisance Vehicle

The Otter entered Canadian Army service in 1942 and remained in service into the early post-war years. This paper describes its development and specifications and briefly summarises its service applications.

Land Mattress

The land mattress was a multi-barrelled rocket launcher originally developed in the United Kingdom. The design was modified in Canada and introduced into Canadian service in 1944. This paper summarises its service with the Canadian Army in WWII and provides details of its specifications.

pdf Canadian Valentine Tank (709 KB)  MK VIIA

The Mk VIIA Valentine was a Canadian-built variant of a British medium tank. The paper describes the development of the tank and its specifications. It also describes in detail the specific acquisition of the model held by the Canadian War Museum.

The 25-pounder Gun / Howitzer

Developed in the UK and used by the Canadian Army, the 25 pounder was generally considered to be the best divisional artillery piece used by any army during WWII. This paper traces its development and provides details of its specifications.

Sherman Tank

The US-designed Sherman tank was the most widely used Allied tank of WWII. It was built in Canada and used by the Canadian Army. This paper traces its development and Canadian use and provides details of its specifications.

pdf Ram Tank (1.11 MB)

Information on the development and use of the Canadian-built Ram tank, including details of its specifications.

pdf Leopard C1 - Main Battle Tank (605 KB)

The C1 is the Canadian version of the German-designed Leopard 1 Main Battle Tank.. This paper discusses the Canadian acquisition, the vehicle’s variants, and specifications.

pdf Honest John Rocket (272 KB)

The MGR-1 Honest John rocket was the first nuclear-capable surface-to-surface rocket in the US arsenal. It was deployed by Canadian Forces stationed in West Germany.


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