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Personalities and Service

pdf Canada’s Nursing Sisters 1914-1918 (701 KB)  

The Canadian Army Nursing Service was organised in 1901 and at the outbreak of war in 1914 there were only 5 nursing sisters in the Permanent Force. This paper describes the growth of the service during WWI, its organisation, and the dedication and sacrifices of its members.

pdf William Avery Bishop, A Canadian Hero (112 KB)

Billy Bishop was the top scoring Allied fighter ace of World War I and the recipient of the Victoria Cross. This Fact Sheet summarises his life including his Victoria Cross action, and career following WWI up to his death in 1956.

pdf Robert Hampton Gray, VC, DSC, RCNVR

This paper traces the life, service and posthumous Victoria Cross-winning action of Robert Hampton Gray, the only Canadian naval VC winner in World War II. 

pdf CANLOAN – Junior Canadian Officers Serve with the British in World War II

Details of an agreement reached in 1943 whereby Canadian infantry officers surplus to immediate Canadian requirements could serve with British units to gain combat experience.

pdf Gordon Muriel Flowerdew, VC

Details of the action in which Lt. Flowerdew of the Lord Strathcona’s Horse won a posthumous Victoria Cross while leading his squadron in a cavalry charge in March 1918.

pdf Samuel Holland: From Gunner and Sapper to Cartographer, 1755-62 (152 KB)

A brief biography of Samuel Johannes Holland, who was appointed Canada’s first British Surveyor-General in 1764 and who was instrumental in developing the profession of surveyor and cartographer in British North America.

pdf William Hall, VC (188 KB)

William Hall was the first black person, the first Nova Scotian, and the first Canadian sailor to receive the Victoria Cross. This paper describes his action during the Indian Mutiny of 1857-58.

pdf Dr. Charles Best, Co-Discoverer of Insulin and Distinguished Naval Officer (157 KB)

A brief biography of Canadian, Charles Best, who with Frederick Banting, is credited with discovering insulin. During World War II he served as a medical officer in the Royal Canadian Navy.

pdf Viscount Byng of Vimy (169 KB)

Describes the early life and military career of Briton, Julian Byng who commanded the Canadians at Vimy Ridge an d later became Governor General of Canada.

pdf 256265 Private George Price, The Last Canadian to Die in WWI (225 KB)

Information on George Price, a Canadian soldier, who, at 1058 on 11 November 1918 became the last British Commonwealth and last Canadian killed in World War I. 

pdf Private Claude Joseph Patrick Nunney, VC, DCM, MM (173 KB) pdf (173 KB)

Information on Pte Nunney who was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for his gallantry during the fighting at the Drucourt-Queant line in 1918.

pdf Georgina Pope-First Nursing Matron of the Canadian Army Medical Corps (348 KB)

Information of the life of Georgina Pope who served as a nursing sister during the Second Boer War and in 1908 was named as the first Nursing Matron of the Canadian Arm y Medical Corps.

pdf Ferdinand Waldo (Fred) Demara, The Great Impostor (404 KB)

The story of an American who assumed a number of unauthorised guises during his life, including that of a Royal Canadian Navy medical officer in which capacity he served aboard HMCS Cayuga.

pdf Corporal Francis Pegahmagabow, Canada’s Most Decorated First Nation Soldier and World War One’s Top Sniper (192 KB)

The story of Cpl Pegahmagabow’s early life, his service in the army during World War I, and his post-war efforts on behalf of native people in Canada.

pdf Canadian Winners of the United States Medal of Honour (493 KB)

The story of the 61 Canadians who have been awarded the United States Medal of Honour between the American Civil War and the Vietnam War.

pdf LCol John McCrae (486 KB)

The story of the Canadian medical officer and soldier who is remembered for his poem, “In Flanders Fields”.

pdf Richard Pierpoint – Slave, Loyalist, Soldier, Farmer (274 KB)  

The story of a former slave who fled to Canada from the United States and organised a unit of black soldiers to fight on the British side during the War of 1812.

pdf John Norton, Mohawk Chief (195 KB)

The story of a boy of mixed Cherokee/Scottish heritage who was adopted by the Mohawks and played an active role on the side of the British during the War of 1812.

pdf Kurt Meyer, Panzer Leader, War Criminal (371 KB)

Kurt Meyer was a highly successful Nazi tank commander during World War II who was tried and convicted as a war criminal for the deaths of Canadian Prisoners of War.

pdf LCol Charles-Michel de Salaberry (208 KB)

Lieutenant Colonel Charles-Michel d'Irumberry de Salaberry (November 19, 1778 –February 27, 1829) was a French-Canadian of the seigneurial class who served as an officer of the British army in Lower Canada. He won distinction for repelling the American advance on Montreal during the War of 1812.

pdf Major William George Barker, VC, MC**, DSO* (223 KB)

William Barker was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions on 27 October 1918 when he engaged more than 15 enemy aircraft. Despite being severely wounded he downed 3 of the enemy and drove off the remainder. Barker was the most decorated Canadian of World War I.

pdf Igor Gouzenko (189 KB)

Igor Gouzenko was a cypher clerk in the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa who defected to Canada in 1945 and revealed the presence of a large Soviet espionage network in the West. This is generally considered to be the first major event of the Cold War.

pdf G/C J.R.D. Braham, DSO**, DFC**, AFC, CD – Unsung Fighter Ace (458 KB)

John (Bob) Braham was the most decorated British Commonwealth fighter pilot of World War II. He destroyed 29 enemy aircraft, 19 at night flying Blenheims and Beaufighters and the rest while flying Mosquitos in an intruder role. Shot down in June 1944 he spent the rest of the war in STALAG III. Later, he became good friends with the man who shot him down. In 1952 he transferred to the RCAF and emigrated to Canada.

pdf Cpl. Herman James Good, VC (234 KB)  

Cpl. Good is one of four New Brunswickers to win the Victoria Cross. He was awarded the Victoria Cross for his heroism on August 8, 1918, the opening day of the attack by the Canadian Corps at Amiens.

pdf Lt. Milton Fowler Gregg, VC, CBE, MC* (213 KB)

Lt. Gregg is one of four New Brunswickers to win the Victoria Cross. He earned the Victoria Cross for his actions from September 27 to October 1, 1918 while serving with The Royal Canadian Regiment near Cambrai in France.

The University of New Brunswick opened the Brigadier Milton F. Gregg, VC, Centre for the Study of War and Society

pdf Lt, William Snyder Nickerson, VC, CB, CMG (230 KB)

Lt. Nickerson is one of four New Brunswickers to win the Victoria Cross. He was awarded the medal for his actions on 20 April 1900 during an engagement at Wakkerstroom during the Second Boer War.

pdf LCol Cyrus Wesley Peck, VC, DSO* (240 KB)

LCol Peck is one of four New Brunswickers to win the Victoria Cross. He was awarded the medal for his courageous leadership on September 2, 1918, during the fighting for the Drocourt-Quéant Line, near Cagnicourt in France. Peck is reputedly the only Member of Parliament in the British Empire/Commonwealth to have been awarded the Victoria Cross while in office.

pdf Corporal Filip Konowal, VC (397 KB)

Filip Konowal was born of Ukrainian heritage and served with the Canadian Expeditionary Force during World War I. He earned the Victoria Cross, the British Commonwealth’s highest award for gallantry, in August 1917 while leading his Section in overcoming enemy resistance on Hill 70 near Lens, France.

  pdf Major John Keefer Mahony, VC (388 KB)

Major Mahony is one of sixteen Canadians to win the Victoria Cross, the British Commonwealth’s highest award for gallantry, during World War II. He won the award in 1944 in Italy while leading his Company under heavy fire across the Melfa River. Although wounded three times he continued to defend a key bridgehead that ensured the Allied victory.


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