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Torch August 2017

Marcel and Thérèse Lavigne Awarded Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers

On 24 April 2017, Marcel Lavigne, a Friend and Volunteer Interpreter at the Canadian War Museum received the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers from the Governor General of Canada, His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston at a ceremony held at Rideau Hall.  Making the event doubly memorable was the fact that Marcel’s wife, Thérèse Hélène Lavigne, also received the medal for her volunteer activities.  Their medal citations are shown below.  Congratulations to Marcel and to Thérèse for these well-deserved awards.

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President's Message

Bob HamiltonIn this my initial message in the TORCH, I would like to express my deep appreciation for the honour of having been appointed President of the Friends of the Canadian War Museum. Permit me also to take this opportunity to recognize the extraordinary contribution made by Linda Colwell over the past 3 years. Her leadership and dedication have been exemplary.

The fine work of the Friends has always been a function of the commitment and dedication of its membership, its supporters, its volunteers and its leadership.  At the annual general meeting in June, the membership established its Board of Directors and then, in its first formal meeting, the newly constituted Board selected its officers. These, the leaders of the Friends, will steward the initiatives of the not-for-profit corporation throughout the way ahead. In its composition, the Board enjoys a broad range of talent, experience and perspective all of which bode well for the challenges ahead.

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30th FCWM Annual General Meeting (AGM), 22 JUNE 2017

The 30th meeting of the FCWM Annual General Meeting was held on 22 June 2017 at the Canadian War Museum with … members in attendance.

At the meeting, the President, Linda Colwell presented  Liliane Grantham of Ottawa with a Silver Membership Certificate recognising her 25 years of  membership.  Also recognised but unable to attend the meeting were:     

  •           Robert F. Brett                  - Victoria, BC
  •           Arthur G. Buskas              - Edmonton, AB
  •           John N. Courtney              - Ottawa, ON
  •           Joan Dunn                        - Ottawa, ON
  •           William F. Kline                 - Nepean, ON
  •           Joseph B. Pighin               - Parksville, BC
  •           John P.O. Saunders          - Nepean, ON

Linda and HelenHelen McKiernan was selected  as FCWM Volunteer of the Year for fiscal year 2016/17, in recognition of her outstanding work on behalf of the organisation, including revitalization of the Events Committee, leadership of the FCWM's participation in Awesome Sundays, stewardship of the FCWM strategic planning process, mentorship of other volunteers, and much more.

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CORRECTION:  In our Feb issue of the Torch "Medals, Decorations & Orders Project" it states that there is an option for someone to loan their medals, have them cleaned, digitized, and catalogued before being returned to the owner. This is not correct, the Project is just for the medals that are in the collection of the museum. We apologize for any misunderstanding.

Photo Credit:

In our May edition we neglected to recognise Joy Morrow as the photographer in the article about Harry Hardy, and submit that credit in arrears with our apologies.

Ottawa Military Memorial Tours by Larry Capstick

How many military memorials exist in what is considered to be the downtown core of Ottawa?  Like most capital cities, Ottawa has always been a natural site for recognizing Canada's military contributions both individually and collectively.  How many of you are familiar with the memorial which recognizes the work by scientists and volunteers in the area of chemical warfare between the wars?

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A Visit by Maureen Jennings

Maureen Jennings BookroomPhoto by Iden FordIn addition to the other ongoing Awesome Obstacle activities at the War Museum on 21 May, the Friends were graced by a visit from well-known Canadian author Maureen Jennings and her husband, Iden Ford. 

Ms. Jennings is a prolific, award-winning crime novelist, perhaps best known for her Murdoch Mystery books, upon which the popular television series of the same name is based.

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Vimy - A Commemoration in Words and Music by 23780 Kris Hjalmarson, RMC Class of '07.

Upon winning tickets to the Vimy Concert at the RMC Club – Ottawa Chapter luncheon in March, my wife Teenasha and I attended to 100th Anniversary Concert for Vimy at the Royal Canadian War Museum. This event was hosted by the Friends of the Canadian War Museum, for which RMC ex-cadets are a significant donor (as was also advertised in the event’s Program).

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Canadian Normandy Veteran and FCWM Member Awarded France’s Highest Decoration for Service

The following is an abridged version of an article by Keith Doucette for the Canadian Press and appearing in the Halifax Chronicle Herald on 9 June 2017.

Fred Turnbull was only 19 when his landing craft approached the beaches of Normandy as part of the greatest amphibious assault in military history.

Now 92, Turnbull, who was a Royal Canadian Navy bowman-gunner, said he still vividly remembers the confusion of the D-Day landings on June 6, 1944.

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Eric Sheppard Launches a Board Game

Eric Sheppard, a Friend of the Canadian War Museum and a recipient of the Colonel Douglas H. Gunter History Award in 2016, has created a board game about the War of 1812.

Kickstarter Black

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Soldier: The Life of Colin Powell by Karen DeYoung

Alfred A. Knopp, New York, 2006 (ISBN 1-4000-4170-8)

Reviewed by John Anderson

DeYoungSoldier2Thirty years ago, Colin Powell was arguably the most powerful military leader in the world. Yet today, Powell seems to have largely slipped from the public consciousness, notwithstanding that, as Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff working directly for President Bush (Senior), he masterminded the planning for the First Gulf War.

But, not withstanding these accomplishments, he was a remarkable figure in his own right: he was a formidable leader of men, very well-spoken, very intelligent -- and he was black. Therefore, for me Powell has always been a fascinating historical figure.

Then, to add to the fascination, after retiring from the U.S. Army he agreed to come out of retirement to become Secretary of State in the administration of President Bush (Junior). This always seemed strange to me: a man with a stellar military reputation agreeing to become a political figure, especially because President Bush (Junior) and his colleagues seemed to be ideologically very different from Powell.

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