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Torch May 2017

Harry Hardy Receives Sovereign’s Volunteer Medal

Harry Hardy 1 CopySubmitted by Marilyn Minnes

Harry Hardy, from B.C., is another Friend who has been presented with the Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers at a ceremony at Government House (B.C.) on January 5th, 2017.

After designing machinery for sawmills and forestry plants for MacMillan Bloedel for more than 30 years, Harry heard about Tetra, an organization that turns problems into solutions for the disabled. For over 20 years this Burnaby B.C. pensioner has designed all manner of items which have eased and brightened the lives of countless. In his basement workshop Harry has designed such items as rolling stools and chairs that bring mobility to the armchair bound, child rumble seats for young parents in scooters and wheelchairs, including a two-seater for a Schelt father. Other creations include a hoist for under a car-seat, an articulated arm brace, a crutch for a ski, a knee-ski, wheel chair bumpers, and a wheelchair winch for a van. Perhaps his proudest achievement is a chair for a grade one student with brittle bone disease who attends school in Surrey. The special desk/chair is equipped with a slow moving crank that lifts and lowers the child to the necessary height for each school activity. For this Harry won the Gizmo award from Tetra, Tetra's equivalent of an Oscar. Another child with cerebral palsy can now operate a computer without discomfort by the various adjustments made. With a team of Tetra designers Harry helped to create a raft for power wheelchair operators. When the wheels turn they rotate a roller, which turns the paddles. Harry keeps his work projects written up like his pilot log book! He is currently working on his 367th project.

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President's Message

Colwell Linda CopyIn my first President’s Message back in the summer of 2014, I outlined seven priorities set by the Board for the coming years.  For my final President’s Message, allow me to provide a short report card. 

Priority 1: Increase Friends’ Membership and Revenues remains our main area of effort.  On the revenue side our biggest success has been the Book Room, which last year raised nearly $25,000 and this year close to $30,000. Our 2017-18 focus will be on activities aimed at increasing membership in terms of numbers and member involvement.

Priority 2: Produce a Marketing Plan has yet to be accomplished. However, under Bob Argent and the Communications and Marketing Committee’s leadership, we have definitely increased our profile among Friends and the general public.

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Notice: 30th Annual General Meeting June 22, 2017

Notice: 30th Annual General Meeting

Friends of the Canadian War Museum

Barney Danson Theatre, Canadian War Museum

Thursday, June 22, 2017, 1900 hours 

1900 - Registration and a meet and greet with light refreshments

1930 - Business Meeting will consist inter alia of:

  • Approval of the Minutes of the 29th AGM
  • Special Resolution: Waiver of Appointment of a Public Accountant
  • Appointment of Accountant
  • Recognition of the Silver Friends for 2016
  • Presentation of the Volunteer of the Year Award
  • Election of Directors
  • President’s Report
  • Update from Director CWM
  • The Financial Report
  • Other Business

Other Business Nominations to fill vacancies on the Board of Directors should be sent to the Secretary by mail at 1 Vimy Place, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0M8, or by email to .

Approved secretarially by the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Canadian War Museum following the Board meeting of 15 March 2017.

Adopt-A-Book Program

2016 Summary

The Adopt-a-Book Campaign 2016 was successfully concluded effective 21 December 2016.  Of the 49 titles listed, 1 was donated to the CWM Research Library by the author and the remaining 48 titles were adopted, for a total value of $2,190. 

The 48 titles were adopted by the following 31 Friends: Robert Argent, Allan Bacon, Pat Barnhouse, Robert Brett, Thomas Burnie, Larry Capstick, Mai-Yu Chan, Linda J. Colwell, K. Ross Conners, Walter Conrad, Robert Farrell, James Gifford, John Grainger, Robert Hamilton, Jarrott Holtzhauer, Marilyn E. Joseph, Michael Koch, Liliane Lafleur, Charles E. Lewis, Heather Macquarrie, Paul D. Manson, Terry Moore, Jim Muckle, Jean Guy Perron, Leo Patrick Rafferty, Douglas Rowland, F. Roy Thomas, Richard Thorman, John R. Thyen, Rollande Vezina and Marilyn Wright.

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Veteran’s Interview Program

A Les with Robert at CWM A Copyby Jean Morin

Les Corbett (Left) is a volunteer researcher with the Research Committee of the Friends of the Canadian War Museum and works as an interviewer with the Veteran’s Interview program. He is shown at the Canadian War Museum with Robert Huard, a resident of the Perley and Rideau Health Center.

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New Friends

From 1 January – 31 March 2017 the Friends of the Canadian War Museum have welcomed the following new Friends:

  • Mr. Andrew Ager
  • Mr. Gerald Bowen
  • Ms. Rita Bryce
  • Maj Ross Christensen
  • Ms. Frances Elkie
  • Mr. Claude Gauvin
  • Mr. Stephen Knowles
  • Georges Laoun
  • Mr. Les Scharfe

In Memoriam

 Since distribution of the last Torch in February 2017, the Friends have been notified of, and mourn, the passing of the following colleagues:

  • Mr. A.H. King
  • Mr. Peter Perry
  • Mr. Ernest Smith
  • Maj Howard Stutt
  • Maj Lloyd A. Swick


by Michael Braham

In the article in the March edition of the Torch on my book on my father, I credited him with being the top-scoring Allied ace flying twin-engined aircraft. That was true with respect to Commonwealth pilots and to those Allied pilots in the European theatre, however, overall, the top Allied ace flying such aircraft in all theatres was USAAF pilot Richard Bong who destroyed 40 Japanese aircraft while flying the P-38 Lightning.

Doomsday Clock Moves Closer to Midnight

Doomsday Clock CopyAdapted from an Article by Sarah Knapton, Science Editor, The Telegraph, 26 January 2017

On Thursday, 26 Jan 2017 the Doomsday Clock, which symbolises the current threat of global annihilation, was moved closer to midnight by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists by thirty seconds. The clock is now at 2357:30, the closest it has been to the apocalypse since 1953 when the US took the decision to upgrade its nuclear arsenal with the hydrogen bomb.

The countdown was established in 1947 by a group of experts who were working on the Manhattan Project to design and build the first atomic bomb. They wanted a simple means of demonstrating the danger to Earth and humanity posed by nuclear war.

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Group Friends

As of 31 March 2017, the following organisations are Group Friends and we thank them for their support:

  • MacFie Clan Society of Canada, Orleans
  • Royal Military Colleges Club (Ottawa), Ottawa
  • The Black Watch Association - Pacific Coast Branch, North Vancouver
  • The Polish Combatants' Association, Branch 8, Ottawa
  • The Royal Canadian Legion - Dominion Command, Kanata
  • The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 006 (ON), Owen Sound
  • The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 037 (AB), High Prairie
  • The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 047 (NL), Labrador City
  • The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 055 (SK), Grenfell
  • The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 120 (SK), Nipawin
  • The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 130 (SK), Hudson Bay
  • The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 153 (MB), Carberry
  • The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 167 (ON), Exeter
  • The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 177 (AB), Caroline
  • The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 185 (QC), Deux Montagnes
  • The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 290 (SK), Nokomis
  • The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 314 (ON), Manotick
  • The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 341 (SK), Pense
  • The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 542 (ON), Westport
  • The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 580 (ON), Cobourg
  • The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 593 (ON), Nepean
  • The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 636 (ON), Minden
  • The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 638 (ON), Kanata


The Friends are grateful to the following who made general donations during the period 1 January - 31 March 2017

  • Anonymous
  • Jackman Foundation
  • My Tribute Gift Foundation
  • United Way Centraide   Ottawa
  • Royal Military Colleges Club (Ottawa)
  • Mrs. Ann Adams
  • Mr. William Aitken
  • Mr. Yves Ameline
  • Mr. John Anderson
  • Mr. Tony Anderson
  • Cdr Pat Barnhouse
  • Mrs. Sandra Beach
  • BGen Robert Beaudry (Ret'd)
  • Col Berard Bennett
  • Ms. D. Elizabeth Brannen
  • Capt Thomas Brooks
  • Cmdre William Broughton
  • Mr. Thomas Burnie
  • Mr. James Cale
  • Mr. Larry Capstick
  • Mr. Allan Castledine
  • Mr. Paul Charlebois Q.C.
  • Maj Michel Charrier (Ret'd)
  • Maj Ross Christensen
  • Mr. John Cleghorn
  • BGen Linda Colwell (Ret'd)
  • Maj Peter Cooke (Ret'd)
  • MGen Ernest Creber (Ret'd)
  • Ms. Tina Creber
  • Mr. Arlen Curtis
  • Ms. Carol Dillon
  • Ms. Sherry Doane
  • Mr. James Douglas
  • Mr. Selwyn Dumaresq
  • Maj Alan Earnshaw
  • Ms. Brenda Esson
  • Mr. David Evans
  • Mr. John Evans
  • Ms. Julia Finn
  • Mrs. Donna Fish
  • Mr. Gordon Foster
  • Mr. Bob Fowler
  • Mr. C.R. Gagnon
  • Maj Ian Galbraith
  • Mr. Joseph Gambin
  • Maj E.H. Pierre Garneau
  • MGen Robert Gaudreau (Ret'd)
  • Ms. Avra Gibbs-Lemay
  • Dr. Jack Granatstein
  • Mr. Charles Gruchy
  • Mr. Terry Hay
  • Mr. John Hemer
  • Col Jarrott Holtzhauer (Ret'd)
  • Capt (N) S.E. Hopkins
  • Mr. Leslie Paul Jarrett
  • Mr. Charles Jefferson
  • Col Murray Johnston
  • Dr. Richard Johnston
  • LCol Neil Johnstone (Ret'd)
  • Mrs. Marilyn Joseph
  • LCol Kenneth Joslin CD (Ret'd)
  • LCdr John Kabesh (Ret'd)
  • Mr. Arthur Kennedy P. Eng
  • Mr. John S. Klenavic
  • Mr. Michael Koch
  • Ms. Maureen Leaver
  • MGen W.E. Robert Little (Ret'd)
  • Ms. Lilia Lockwood
  • Ms. Terry MacDonald
  • Maj Richard Malott
  • Mrs. Valerie Mansfield
  • Hon. Michael Meighen C.M., Q.C.
  • Ms. Marilyn Minnes
  • Col Richard Mockler
  • Mr. Terence Moore
  • Maj Harold Needham
  • Mr. Robert Oliver
  • Mr. Prabir Pal
  • Ms. Lori Parent
  • BGen William Patterson (Ret'd)
  • LCol. William Pettit (Ret'd)
  • Mr. Frank Phillips
  • Maj Donovan Redknap
  • Capt (N) William Reed (Ret'd)
  • Mr. Lewis Ricketson
  • Mr. Douglas Rowland
  • Mr. Frederick M. Russell
  • Mr. Les Scharfe
  • Mr. Nikol Schultz
  • Col Tim Sparling
  • Mr. Hugh Spence
  • Mr. David Stinson
  • Ms. MJ Tremblay
  • Mr. D.  Kenneth Tucker
  • Col. Ralph West OSJ, CD
  • Ms. Joanne Zbetnoff

In-Memoriam Donations

The following is a list of donors making in-memoriam donations during the period 1 January – 31 March 2017. The tributes are recorded in the language in which they were provided.

  • Mr. William Abbott, in memory of Mr. Russel Morey
  • Mr. John Braithwaite, in memory of Howard Mansfield
  • Col Angus Brown (Ret'd), in memory of Howard Stutt
  • Mr. W. Bruce Clark, in memory of William (Bill) Coombs, 5th Canadian Division, veteran of Italy and NW Europe 1943-45"
  • Col Patrick Dennis (Ret'd), in memory of F/Sgt Peter Dutchak, 630 Squadron (RAF), killed in action 18 March 1944
  • Ms. Diana Dewar, in memory of Lt (N) G. (Hal) Halikowski and Capt (N) John Dewar. Lt Halikowski served in the RCN from 1943 to 1974.  His wartime service included the North Atlantic, Normandy and Korea.Capt Dewar served in the RCN from 1969 to 2000. Both officers died from their shipboard exposure to asbestos.
  • BGen David Edgecombe, in memory of Maj Edward N, Edgecombe, ED, RCASC, also Lt(NS) Mary S. Edgecombe, CD, RCAMC
  • Mr. Gordon Foster, in memory of Maj Howard A. Stutt, RCA
  • Mr. Gerald Gallagher, in memory of Dorothy Malott
  • CPO 2 Charles Hamilton, in memory of Pte. William Nichol, 5th Cdn Anti-Tank Regiment North-west Europe
  • Ms. Sigrid Hough, in memory of WO William O. Hough, a veteran of the Second World War
  • Mr. Stephen Knowles, in memory of LCDR Murray Knowles, In memory of my father Murray Knowles (1916-2014) RCNVR 1940-1946.
  • Ms. Elsa Lessard in memory of CPO Francia (Frank) Lessard,  RCN - Telegraphist, and
    Thomas Oscar (Ossie) Lessard RCNVR, Visual Signals
  • Mr. J. R. Digger MacDougall, in memory of LGen (Ret'd) Charlie H. Belzile, in honour of a great friend, mentor and brother officer. He is missed
  • Ms. Anne Merritt, in memory of Cpl Roland Lee Merritt, served in the 40th Battery, Canadian Field Artillery at Vimy Ridge
  • Ms. Shirley Murphy, in memory of Pte. Arthur R.E. Bysouth, 18th Bn. CEF, First World War. Served at Vimy Ridge and visited France in 1936 for the unveiling of the Vimy Monument.
  • Ms. Lori Parent, in memory of Mr. Robert Parent
  • Ms. Judith Perry, in memory of Mr. Peter Perry
  • Ms. Beverlee Rombouts, in memory of a friend, Mr. John Leonard Clark
  • Ms. Betty Smith, in memory of Pte. Arthur R.E. Bysouth, 18th Bn. CEF, First World War. Served at Vimy Ridge and visited France in 1936 for the unveiling of the Vimy Monument
  • Dr. Peter Suedfeld, in memory of Major James Gove, served as a tank commander in the South Alberta Regiment, Fourth Armoured Division, during World War II (Commander in Chief’s Certificate from Field Marshal Montgomery), in the Ordnance Corps during the Korean War, as a military advisor in Ghana, and in various posts until retirement.
  • Mr. André Tellier, in memory of Lieut. Royal Cdn.Hussars André Tellier, in loving memory of Dear Dad
  • Mr. Edward Terry, in memory of Capt. Edward L. Terry, died in Hong Kong POW camp Aug. 1942
  • Maj Leonard Woollven, in memory of Colonel David Ian Smith, a friend and Brother in Arms "Stand Easy"

Soldier Priest in the Killing Fields of Europe

Soldier Priest Cover CopyPadre Thomas Nangle, Chaplain to the Newfoundland Regiment, WWI by Gary Browne and Darrin Michael McGrath

DRC Publishing, St. John's, 2006 (ISBN 0978149610)

Reviewed by John Anderson

Many of us are familiar with the haunting beauty of the Newfoundland Memorial Park at Beaumont Hamel in France, where the Newfoundland Regiment was almost annihilated on the opening day of the Battle of the Somme, 01 July 1916.  But relatively few of us are familiar with the story of how this park came into being.  This book, published in 2006 but, apparently, never widely circulated, goes far toward filling this gap in our historical record, recording the career of a remarkable man, Thomas Nangle.

Read more: Soldier Priest in the Killing Fields of Europe


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