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Fact Sheets


FCWM Fact Sheets are short, descriptive papers that provide additional information on many of the artefacts found in the Canadian War Museum. They are useful references for students and adults looking for information.



Come and meet the distinguished group of Volunteers that performs a wide range of duties on behalf of the FCWM in support of Canadian War Museum activities. They come with diverse backgrounds including veterans, educators, parliamentarians, and business people.

Research Papers

HMCS Grilse

The FCWM Research Papers are in-depth looks at some of the subject matter found within the galleries of the Canadian War Museum. They are provided as reference material for those seeking more detailed information than is currently available in the Museum.

Video Memories

video memories

Do you have a video clip that captures a treasured and/or important event in your former military career or association with the military that you would like to share with others? If so, please forward it to, attention: Mike Braham. Videos currently in the collection may be found HERE.

Colonel Douglas H. Gunter History Awards (Gunter Awards)

Description:  Col Gunter, a Friend until his death in 2005, was a member of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery for 32 years. He served during the Second World War and the Korean War and on peacekeeping duties in Cyprus.  The Colonel Douglas H. Gunter History Awards were instituted in 2005, thanks to Col Gunter’s initial bequest for educational purposes. The Friends organization continues to provide annual funding for up to five Awards of $1,000.00 each. The objective of the Award program is to encourage senior secondary school students to pursue studies in Canadian military history and the effects of war upon Canada and its people. Students may produce essays, poems, visual art, web design or audio-visual products.

Cost (Annual/Total):  Up to five (5) $1,000 awards are presented annually. 

Volunteer Opportunities:  Volunteers work with the Pre-Selection Committee to review all of the submissions, select the top 15 presentations and prepare these for final review by the final Adjudication Board which includes Friends volunteers and members of the CWM Staff.


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