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Artifact PW2-18: RCR Snowshoe Competition 1973

PW2-18 RCR Snowshoe Competition: Events such as this build a healthy competitive spirit between units while enhancing important skills.

 RCR Snowshoe Competition

Photo of 2nd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment’s Skill-at -Arms cross-country snow shoeing competition 15 February 1973. Lieutenant Robertson is 3rd from front.

Submitted by: J. Robertson

Artifact PW2-17: Black Watch Quarter Guard 1965

PW2-17 Black Watch Quarter Guard, 1965: Military ceremonial guards are frequently used in civic events.

Black Watch Quarter GuardBlack Watch Quarter Guard - Sergeant Robertson

In August 1965 2nd Black Watch sent a quarter guard to the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto and this is a photo of Sergeant Robertson just prior to mounting the guard.

Submitted by: J. Robertson

Artifact PW2-16: NATO Cooperation 1964

PW2-16 NATO Cooperation, 1964: The NATO Alliance was built upon mutual cooperation between its member nations.

NATO CooperationSergeant Robertson supervising a German soldier at the Wildflecken Camp

In January 1964 the 192nd Panzergrenadier Battalion of the German Bundeswehr was going to Bavaria on a winter training exercise and had asked the Commanding Officer of 2nd Black Watch for some winter warfare specialists to go with them. He sent an officer and three Senior NCOs, of which I was one, in response to this request. The photo shows Sergeant Robertson supervising a German soldier firing the MG3 on the ‘Rommel’ ranges at the Wildflecken Camp.

Submitted by: J. Robertson

Artifact PW2-15: Destruction of Seoul, Korea, 1951

PW2-15 Destruction of Seoul, 1951: Seoul, the capital of South Korea was captured by North Korean Forces in 1951.

Destruction of Seoul

1951 photos by Captain Léo Lavigne, 2R22eR

Following World War II, The Korean peninsula was divided in two. The 38th parallel became the border. On the night of Saturday to Sunday 25 July 1950 the North Koreans crossed the border, invaded the South and made it to the Pusan (Busan) peninsula in short order. During the advance, Seoul, the capital of South Korea was over-run and heavily damaged.

Submitted by: M. Lavigne on behalf of Capt. L. Lavigne

Artifact PW2-14: Kuneitra Destroyed -1967

PW2-14 Kuneitra Destroyed: Kuneitra, located on the Golan Heights, was a focal point for much fighting in that area.

 Kuneitra Destroyed

The town of Kuneitra, located on the Golan Heights, was severely damaged in both the 1967 and 1973 conflicts.  It is located close to the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force. A 2003 report estimated the population to be close to 17,000 persons before the conflicts.  It will likely never be rebuilt.

Submitted by: M. Lavigne


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