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Artifact PW2-08: CWM 100th Anniversary

PW2-8 CWM 100th Anniversary: In 1980, the Canadian War Museum celebrated its 100th anniversary.

100th anniversary invitation

An invitation to a reception celebrating the 100th year of the Canadian War Museum, 02 December 1980.

Submitted by: John Robertson, Maj. (Ret’d)

Artifact PW2-07: Leave Pass

PW2-7 Leave Pass: Leave is a treasured privilege of military personnel and it is carefully regulated so as not to interfere with operations.

Leave Pass

This item is a pass that allowed me to be absent from barracks from after-duty hours to 0600 the next morning and giving me permission to wear civilian clothes as long as I stayed within a twenty-mile radius of Sussex, New Brunswick where my unit, the Black Watch recruit training depot, was located.

Submitted by: John Robertson, Maj. (Ret’d)

Artifact PW2-06: Posting Warning Order

PW2-6 Posting Warning Order: Postings, and their accompanying upheaval, are part of a soldier’s life.

Posting Warning Order

This is a warning order for my posting to Germany that informs me that I will be liable to be charged with desertion should I not report in on the 3rd of March 1962.

Submitted by: John Robertson, Maj. (Ret’d)

Artifact PW2-05: Prisoner Receipt

PW2-5 Prisoner Receipt: The detention of a soldier for an infraction of the rules includes its own bureaucratic process.

Prisoner Receipt

I arrested Private Rogers for something and marched him to the guardroom where I was given this ‘receipt’.

Submitted by: John Robertson, Maj. (Ret’d)

Artifact PW2-04: Kit Inspection

PW2-4 Kit Inspection: Part of a soldier’s training includes care and maintenance of his equipment.

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