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Artifact PW2-03: A New Canadian Flag

PW2-3 Raising a New Flag: Canada introduced a new national flag in 1965. Ceremonies were held in Canada and overseas to raise the new flag.

The following is a copy of the order promulgated on 4 February 1965 for the raising of Canada’s new flag at the 2nd Battalion, Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment of Canada) barracks, Fort St. Louis, Werl, West Germany.

Raising new flag

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Artifact PW2-02: HMCS Bras D’Or

PW2-2HMCS Bras d’Or: HMCS Bras d’Or was a hydrofoil introduced into the Royal Canadian Navy in 1968. At the time she was the fastest warship in the world.

HMCS Bras D’Or (FHE 400) was designated a fast hydrofoil escort and commissioned in 1968. When “hull borne” at low speeds she was driven by a 2400 BHP diesel engine. At about 23 knots, the foils lifted the craft clear of the water and propulsion was taken over by a 30,000 SHP gas turbine that was capable of propelling her up to about 63 knots which made her the fastest unarmed warship in the world.

HydrofoilHMCS Bras D’Or under construction

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Artifact PW2-01: Landymore Dismissal

PW2-1 Landymore Dismissal: RAdm William Landymore was head of the Royal Canadian Navy when the government announced its intention to unify the three services. Admiral Landymore resigned in protest in 1966.


Landymore 2

The following MARGEN 149 message was sent, on 19 July 1966, to the Royal Canadian Navy by Rear Admiral William Landymore on the occasion of his dismissal for opposing the government plan to unify the three Canadian military services into a single, unified force.

Submitted by: Gordon Jenkins


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