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Video Memories

video memories

Do you have a video clip that captures a treasured and/or important event in your former military career or association with the military that you would like to share with others? If so, please forward it to, attention: Mike Braham. Videos currently in the collection may be found HERE.

Artifact PW1-06: Manitoba First Nations Members of the 1884-85 Nile Expedition

PW1 06 graves 1The Nile Expedition of 1884–85 was a British mission to relieve Major-General Charles George Gordon at Khartoum, Sudan, who was besieged by the forces of the Mahdi. Many references to the Nile Expedition mention the almost 400 Canadian Voyageurs who paddled the canoes on the Nile. While most of the Voyageurs were First Nations people and loggers from eastern Canada, there were also First Nations Voyageurs from Manitoba.

Artifact PW1-05: A Soldier of the Queen

W1 5 IMG 1656 CopyInheriting family medals can provide a lead-in to an exercise in historical research at the personal level – something that genealogists do all the time. Medals can be particularly handy if one knows the rules for their award and (with the exception of British Commonwealth WWII campaign medals) can follow up the inscription information on the rim with official histories and personal military files. It can be even more rewarding if more than one family member or generation is involved as information from one generation can fill in holes on the next.

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Artifact PW1-04: Joseph Fleming

fleming2Joseph Fleming was born on May 16, 1872 in Glasgow Scotland.  At the age of 11, he was shipped to Canada, arriving in Halifax on 30 April 1883 on the SS Prussian.  Around 1892 Joseph joined the Royal Canadian Regiment. In 1896 the Klondike Gold Rush began.  The Canadian Government was determined that the lawlessness of the California Gold Rush of 1849 was not going to be repeated in Canada.  The government was also concerned with American expansionism and control of the Yukon Territory.  To combat these threats, the Government ordered the Royal Canadian Regiment to form a Yukon Field Force to travel immediately into the Yukon Gold Fields to assist the North West Mounted Police.  200 men were chosen for this unit which headed to Northern British Columbia and then to Wrangell, Alaska, a notoriously rough town which would be the jumping off point as the force headed for the gold fields.

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Artifact PW1-03: Bradley 1804 Commission Papers and George III Coin

Bradley Commission Papers 1Bradley Commission Papers 2










David Aldus is the 3rd great grandson of Captain William Brown Bradley. William was a Captain in the 104th New Brunswick Regiment of Foot which was raised in 1803 as His Majesty’s New Brunswick Regiment of Fencible Infantry. As a fencible unit, the 104th was liable for service anywhere in British North America.

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Artifact PW1-02: Medal of Recognition – Battle of Chateauguay

Colonel George Thew Burke's Medal of Recognition for service in the War of 1812's Battle of Chateauguay is a treasure in the Goulbourn Museum's collection.

PW1-2-1 PW1-2-2


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