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Artifact PW1-1: Helmet Plate 53rd Sherbrooke Battalion of InfantryVictorian Officer's Helmet Plate for the 53rd Sherbrooke

The badge is estimated to be from the 1880 - 1890 timeframe. The 53rd Sherbrooke Battalion of Infantry is perpetuated by an existing Primary Reserve armoured regiment of the Canadian Forces, The Sherbrooke Hussars.

As originally issued, the helmet plate was made of stamped brass, gilded in gold. This example reflects many years of exposure to the elements. It was found by a friend of mine who was exploring a bush lot that he had recently purchased. The lot was apparently an old farm/homestead site. Near the main farmhouse was a pile of junk, with broken mason jars, a 1935 license plate and other bits of debris - apparently from a collapsed shed. The helmet plate was lying on top of the pile else it never would have been spotted.

Submitted by: Victor Vaivads, FCWM Member




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