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Artifact W2-9: Aircraft Production - Fairchild Aircraft – Longueuil, Quebec - 1940s

Having served in the First World War (see W1-2: Dispatch Rider), my Father was too old to join up in the Second.  His experience in the inter-war years in auto mechanics landed him the position of Foreman of the Flight Shed at Fairchild Aircraft in Longueuil, just south of Montreal.

  In the early years of the War, Fairchild built the Bristol Bolingbroke, which was used as an advanced trainer by the RCAF.  In this photo, my Father is seated third from the left, in the front row.  A Bolingbroke is in the background.

Bristol Bolingbroke, an RCAF advanced trainerBristol Bolingbroke, an RCAF advanced trainer                       

After Pearl Harbour and the ramp-up of the war in the Pacific, Fairchild began building the Curtiss SB2C Helldiver, a carrier-borne dive bomber.  In this photo my Father is running up the engine of a newly- built Helldiver.


Provided by: LCol (Ret’d) R.G. Robert Farrell, RCSigs






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