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The ADOPT-A-BOOK Campaign

What is this program?

Each year, at the end of January, the Military History Research Centre of the Canadian War Museum provide the Friends charity with a list of titles they wish to acquire for enhancing the Centre’s research capability but are beyond its budget allocation capability.

The titles for 2019 are listed below and in our quarterly magazine ‘The Torch’. Donors interested in supporting this valuable Friends’ charitable program are invited to ‘adopt’ a title (or titles) by sending a cheque to the Friends’ office specifying the title(s) they wish to adopt for the Research Centre.

Why is this program important?

Since program inception over 1,000 titles with a value exceeding $42,000 have been adopted on behalf of the Military History Research Centre. This generosity has enhanced the Centre’s international reputation, enabling Canadian and global researchers – through the Inter-library Loan Service – to pursue their studies in military history; and by extension add to the public understanding of wars and their impact on societies.

Why should I support this program?

  • Knowing that you are helping to enhance the capabilities of the Military History Research Centre and its international reputation for excellence;
  • Knowing that each adopted title has your name inserted on the inside cover, hence a permanent record of your generosity;
  • Knowing that in addition to your name, you have the ability to recognize another individual or group - living or departed – in tribute, or in memorial;
  • Knowing that your name will be published on the website and in ‘The Torch’ as a public recognition of your generosity; and
  • Knowing that you have contributed positive and practical support through the Friends charity for the on-going work of the Canadian War Museum as a national treasure.


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