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Veterans' Interview Project 

Description: The CWM maintains an Oral History Program (OHP) which has as its objective to record the experiences of former and serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces, to capture personal perspectives of military operations, deployments, exercises and other topics of interest to the CWM, from the Second World War to the present day. The Veterans’ Interview Project was established to directly assist the CWM in fulfilling its oral history mandate by expanding the archival fund of digitally recorded interviews to be held for future use.    

Three Friends’ Veteran’s Interview Teams have been established to conduct interviews to support CWM research objectives. Once CWM priorities are met, any excess capacity can be used to pursue Friends identified priorities, keeping in mind that additional interviews must not conflict with other CWM objectives or duplicate interviews already held in the national collection.  All interviews conducted by the CWM and the Friends conform to the same standards and will be held within the George Metcalf Archival Collection.

The CWM provides overall guidance and direction for the Friends Veteran’s Interview Project, sets the standards, develops forms and in consultation with the FCWM Research Committee, provides volunteer orientation to ensure CWM OHP standards and practices are understood and met.

Cost (Annual/ Total): Up to $500.00/year

Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteer opportunities include a need for people to identify prospects, conduct initial inquiries, conduct interviews, transcribe interviews, edit and review texts.

Future volunteer opportunities may include the establishment of interview teams throughout Canada to reach out to Veterans outside the National Capital Region. Volunteers capable of providing technical support to expand the interviews from voice only to include video may be required.


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