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Battle of Atlantic Place - Design Concept

I particularly draw your attention to the YouTube video on Battle of the Atlantic Place.  My father [Murray Knowles], possibly the last person alive to have commanded a corvette (HMCS Louisburg II), attended and was recognized at the concept unveiling yesterday at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.”

Stephen Knowles

Published on Jan 21, 2014

When war was declared in 1939, Canada was primarily an agrarian country with a population of barely 11 million, limited industry and minimal military forces. Along with residents of the neighbouring colony of Newfoundland, Canadians across the nation quickly rose to the challenge of total mobilization. Britain's survival and the ultimate Allied victory in Europe were almost entirely dependent on the supply of men, materials, equipment and food from North America. As part of the Allied forces, Canadian ships and aircraft played a decisive role in this six-year campaign.

In 2011, the Canadian Naval Memorial Trust launched the Battle of the Atlantic Place Project to create an innovative experiential centre to celebrate the extraordinary national achievement of Canadians which enable the Battle of the Atlantic to be won, and to commemorate the service and sacrifice of those at sea and on the home front.

Discover why Battle of the Atlantic Place is of significant national importance, and what the Trust's design concept is for commemoration and celebration of our national achievement during Canada's 150th birthday in 2017, in this video released in January 2014.



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