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FCWM Volunteers

The volunteers at the Canadian War Museum perform a wide variety of functions in support of the Museum operations. In addition to their most visible activity as Volunteer Interpreters in the Galleries, they labour diligently in the “tank shop” on the restoration of vehicles and other equipment. They can also be found in the Research Centre and in the archives performing painstaking historical research on behalf of the Museum. Others work on the myriad administrative duties associated with the Friends of the Canadian War Museum, as members of the Board of Directors or as Committee members; looking after the office, the FCWM web site, the book store, etc. - tasks all integral to the FCWM support of the Canadian War Museum.

Perhaps even more varied than their volunteer duties are their backgrounds. Many, but by no means all, have records of naval or military service. Others were employed as scientists, engineers, educators, public servants or in the private sector.

They also reflect the rich mosaic of the Canadian population. They are men and women born both in Canada and abroad reflecting the cultural and ethnic diversity of Canada. Taken as a whole, they could be characterized as a “core sample” of almost a century of Canadian history.

Due to their varied duties and work schedules, there is not a great deal of interaction among the volunteers as a single group, with the result that they are not as familiar with each other as might be expected.

The purpose of this compendium is to foster greater awareness among the individual volunteers of the diversity of this remarkable group of Canadians by sharing some basic information on their backgrounds, experience, and current activities.

It should be noted that not all volunteers are Friends of the Canadian War Museum and vice-versa.

The following is not a complete listing of the CWM volunteers, but nonetheless provides a good cross section.


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