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Capstick, Larry

Capstick LarryLarry was born in Windsor, Ontario and raised in Harrow, Ontario. His father was a WWII veteran and his mother an English war bride.

He moved to Ottawa in 1967 to attend St. Patrick`s College, Carleton University. He completed an Hons. B.A. in History and then attended University of Toronto to obtain a B. Ed. Degree.  Later, he took his M.Ed. degree from the University of Ottawa.

He returned to Ottawa and took a position as an assistant to Mr. Fred McCain M.P., Carleton-Charlotte N.B.

He began teaching with the Carleton District School Board in 1974 and spent 20 years in the classroom, primarily teaching History.  In 1994 he was elected President of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation for Ottawa-Carleton and served in that capacity until 2003. 

During this same period, he was twice elected to the Governing Council of the Ontario College of Teachers for six and one-half years, and was elected Chair of the Governing Council during the second term. This opportunity allowed him to represent the teachers of Ontario both nationally and internationally.  He became the first private individual to sign an Education Regulation into law under the Ontario Education Act, when the College of Teachers assumed responsibility for accrediting all Faculties of Education in Ontario and all external faculties which wish to grant licences to teach in Ontario.

He retired from teaching and his position with the Federation in 2004. The following year, he joined the Education Faculty at the University of Ottawa where he led a seminar group.

He continues his connection with the educational community as a member of the executive and volunteer with the Active Retired Members organization which represents secondary teachers in Ontario.  He is also a 25 year associate member of the Branch 338, Colchester South, Royal Canadian Legion.

After retiring, he joined the Friends of the War Museum and became a volunteer interpreter.  He has enjoyed working with Dr. Laura Brandon collating files in the Art vaults.  The majority of his time is spent either in the McCrae Gallery or providing visitors with an explanation of the architecture of the building and the two memorial areas which highlight the efforts of Mr. Moriyama and Mr. Rankin.                                   


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