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Collins, Rob

Collins Rob

Rob was born in Welland, Ontario and went to high school in Gravenhurst.  His father served with the Canadian Army as part of the first units in Germany to be part of NATO.  Rob went to the University of Waterloo in 1977.

He moved to Ottawa in 1980 where he started work in the high-tech industry.  In 1984, he joined a small company named Cognos.  Over the next 20 years both the company and Rob prospered.  In 2004, Rob retired from full-time work, though he still does consulting as an IT executive.

Upon retiring, Rob returned to school.  By 2008, he had earned a Bachelor of Arts (History) from the University of Ottawa.  There he focused on ‘Atlantic History.’  This school of the humanities believes that, in order to understand Canadian history, one must understand the other parts of the world that impacted Canada.  This includes Europe and the United States in the modern history period (since 1500) and the whole world from the start of the 20th Century.

As well as reading history for pure enjoyment, it is the focus of travel for Rob.  By understanding the history of a place one can see not only how it is now but how it came to be.  This had led to trips in Europe which have travelled such hallowed ground as Culloden and Vimy as well as North America, visiting such sites as the Last Spike or the BCATP training base outside Brandon.

Rob was able to marry his love of history with his desire to volunteer to give back to the community by joining the Friends and becoming a Volunteer Interpreter at the Canadian War Museum.  Rob can be found there on most Sundays between May and September and at least once a month during the winter.


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