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Conrad, Walter (Walt) Lantz

Conrad Walter Walt Lantz

Walt was born in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, in 1929, and graduated from Prince of Wales College, Charlottetown, in 1949. He enlisted in the Reserve Army during this period, obtaining his commission in 1948. He resigned his commission in 1949 when he entered the Royal Military College, Kingston with a Dominion Scholarship. Her graduated from RMS in 1953 with a BA (Honours History) and was posted to “A” Squadron of Lord Strathcona’s Horse in Korea.  After six months in tanks, three months commanding a Royal Canadian Regiment platoon, and finally three months as a Brigade Liaison Officer, he returned to Canada and rejoined his regiment.

Postings in many parts of Canada followed, including two years in Fort Churchill during the International Geophysics Year, 1958-60. From 1961 to 1963 he attended the Canadian Army Staff College in Kingston. Later, having transferred to the Royal Canadian Dragoons, he commanded its Recce Squadron in Cyprus (1965-66), followed b y a period of regimental duties, ending as Regimental Second-in-Command. He resigned from the army in 1969 and joined the Federal Department of Transport in Ottawa, finally retiring in 1984 as Senior Policy Advisor, Atlantic Region.

He has enjoyed singing and acting with the Capital City Chorus (since 1979), the Savoy Society of Ottawa (since 1986), and with the Orpheus Musical Theatre (since1987). He has also done voice-overs for the War Amps, the Canadian Museum of Civilisation, television and radio. He is on the executive of the Korean Veterans’ Association and has been a Friend of the Canadian War Museum at Vimy House (since 1995) and in the new CWM since it opened in 2005, acting as a volunteer interpreter.


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